About Our Store 

 Healthways is a supplement store within a clinic setting.  It is located within The Natural Health Center, the chiropractic office of Dr. Herbert Kuehnemann, DC. In addition this setting lends itself to authentic integrative care between chiropractic and nutritional counseling!  Lynne O'Connor, the owner of Healthways, believes that a person should take many ways to achieve health and hence why she called her original vitamin store, some 20 years ago, Healthways. This same idea still drives us today, we are hear to listen and find solutions, not just sell supplements . The track record we've accumulated over the years speaks to our commitment to our clients, their families, and the community at large.  We think you'll notice the difference immediately when you step foot inside our doors. We'd love to see you today to map out a health and wellness plan that's tailored to your health history and needs.



Holistic and Nutritional counseling

Lynne's initial session includes a detailed review of lifestyle, medical, and dietary history. Questionnaires are used to assess digestive health, organ systems, sleep patterns, stress and energy levels plus much more.  The body and mind collectively give signs as to where the dis-ease is in the body.  Lynne has years of clinical experience in deciphering these signals and re-establishing wellness through proper nutrition and lifestyle.